Chemicals for Plastic and Film CHEMICALS FOR PLASTICS & FILM

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Plastics are used in our everyday life, from food packaging to electronic devices like LCD televisions and smartphones.
Our specialty chemicals are used in the production process of plastic to provide value-added properties, such as antistatic and antifog as well as other properties. Other properties. TAKEMOTO continues to lead the way in the research and development for new plastic products that match our customer’s emerging needs and opportunities.

Specialty chemicals

Antistatic agent

To help prevent the buildup of static electrical charges

Antifog agent

To keep the food packaging transparently without water droplets

Primer coat

To help improve adhesion for Top-coat

Antifog effect helps show off the freshness of food

Antifog is an essential function of food packaging and wrapping materials, that helps provide a clear inside and a fresh appearance of the food.