Spin finish lubricants and treatments for synthetic and natural Fibers

We began development of spin finish lubricants for synthetic fiber end-uses concurrent with our production of surface active agents. Since then, we have provided a wide variety of spin finish agents and polymer modifiers. Development of new synthetic fibers and innovations in fiber spinning equipment have challenged us to continue providing advancements in technology, production capability and cost competitiveness. In order to develop high performance spin finish lubricants suitable for various fiber materials and their production equipment, we utilize state of the art evaluation techniques, production facilities and analytical equipment.


DELION series

This line of products contains spin finish lubricants and treatments for fiber spinning as well as functional treatments for filling fibers (fiberfil) and non-woven uses. We offer a wide variety of spin finish formulations for polyester, polyamide, polyolefin, spandex, aramid, carbon fiber, PLA and glass fiber. We also offer master batch products which give fibers fuctionality such as hydrophilicity and soft touch for non woven fabrics.

TRICOL series

This series offers coning oil for draw textured yarns as well as weaving and knitting oils for all types of fiber.

HONOL series

There are spin finish lubricants for chemical fiber use on viscose rayon and acetate fiber.

SOFBON series

We offer softening agents and polymer modifiers for specialty fibers; cationic dyeable modifiers, antistatic additive for polyester and polyamide as well as modifiers to reduce stickiness and improve anti-oxidant properties.


We also offer various biocide agents which are compatible with our products.